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We provide a full range of acute clinical services from Northampton General Hospital and Danetre Hospital in Daventry. We are a designated cancer centre and have recently invested in a number of additional specialist services, including in-patient renal services and interventional cardiology. All elective inpatients and emergency admissions are screened for MRSA. As part of our work to improve clinical outcomes we are taking part in a national patient safety programme and have invested in systems to capture patients views on the service we provide. We understand that sometimes a small change can make a big difference for patients. 

Our whole focus is on improving the quality of care given to our patients. We see quality as encompassing the following elements: 
Clinically effective services 
Safe services 
The best possible experience for patients 

We also believe in involving others in what we do and celebrating success.



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01604 634700

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Vacancy status: Open
Ref: 265-6071388 Vacancy ID: 6071388

Robotic Theatre Lead

Accepting applications until: 29-May-2024 23:59

Vacancy status: Open

Accepting applications until: 29-May-2024 23:59

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